All-In-One Computer

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All-In-One Computer

Post by Grantt on Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:52 am

The all in one is the king of convenience for that neat-freak person. The all in one is basically a monitor built into the computer itself into one machine. Like a laptop without it being on your lap and on your desk. With these machines, unless you spend loads of money, they can't do much yet. It's all about size, because of their small for factor design the companies can't cram high end hardware into those types of machines. This is not cool if you plan on doing some intense work or gaming on one. Cooling a machine like that is almost impossible due to it's size they can't fit many fans into it, or good coolers for the CPU. Thermal throttling would be a problem if you plan on stressing a machine like that. If you purchase one of these machines over the other two plan do not get much done and the hardware to go out-dated quick. I know it's sounded like I have been hating on all-in-ones, but I'm not. All-in-ones are not terrible. For their size and portability they are really great, better than a laptop when it comes to work. Because it's an actually desktop you can 'fit' desktop components into the machine better than a laptop. If you wanted to spend a lot of money you can get an all in one with comparable performance to a desktop. The average consumer would most likely no be able to afford a machine like that, making the custom and pre built the more "bang for your buck" solution.

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