Custom Built Computers

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Custom Built Computers

Post by Grantt on Tue Dec 06, 2016 8:55 am

A custom built computer is the ultimate way to go with customization. With a custom built machine you can do anything you want. There are millions of combinations you can choose from and thousands of budgets that will fit to your needs. With a custom built machine you control what you do with it, how it runs, and what powers the machine it's self. If you wanted to have a computer that would perform best in video gaming you would choose a machine that had a great processor, a good graphics card, and a decent amount of RAM. If you wanted a work related computer a good processor, and a decent amount of RAM would be needed. A work machine would not require a high-end graphics card a lower-end would get the job done. Unlike a Pre-Built or All-in-one you get to choose exactly what you want and not rely on the stock of the company you buy it from

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